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Briah's paintings are currently taking a break as they are moved from Maryland to Florida. Check back for more updates later!


About Briah


My Background


  • I've always loved bright, vibrant colors! The drive to create art and design pieces started with Legos and crayons and moved on to stained glass mosaics and acrylic painting. 
  • My Graphic Design adventures taught me how to play with creativity and new media. My education in counseling and spirituality has enabled me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. The combination of these forces has turned me into an artist who enjoys the process of the  creation as much as the outcome.


My Medium

As an artist, the variety of medium I use continues to grow over time. Acrylic  paints, broken marbles, electrical wires, epoxy resins, inks, Legos, mirrors, seashells, silica gels, spray paints, stained glass scraps, and wood…are a few of them. The ideas flow through my mind as I work and I make frequent trips to stores looking for something “like” the idea in my mind, in some cases the item I’m looking for doesn’t exist...yet.    


My Inspiration

Many of my designs are inspired by the beauty of nature. In particular I love the Fibonacci sequence, (flower petals, spirals, shells), circles, and water in any form. I am also fond of the vivid saturation of colors that are present on cloudy and rainy days. Bright colors and textures are distinctive hallmarks in my work.

  • Sgraffito painting demonstrates my fascination of the unlimited universe. With this technique there is a base layer which represents the sacred, and another layer which represents the  world as we see it on a daily basis. The act of Sgraffito or “scratching  through” the top layer to reveal what is hidden beneath allows us to glimpse the sacred base through the daily layer and combine them to create a unique piece of artwork. Although the technique encourages abstract features that demonstrate texture and color combinations, it also represents an intuitive approach to self-discovery. 
  • Meditative painting was encouraged by a mentor as a way to meditate "with visible results". The process of meditative painting is a relaxing form of active meditation that encourages the painter to release unwanted emotions and invite desired emotions into their minds. 
  • Mindfulness painting produces intricate designs. It combines prolonged focus, concentration, and skill to create truly unique paintings. 

Sgraffito provides classes and individual sessions to try each type of these painting techniques without pressure. At Sgraffito, we believe that you are already an artist we just need to find the technique that suits your personality.


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